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We at Mediagerms build the most effective and professional web applications with the experience and knowledge of our passionate team of best application developers in their own occupation. Our web application development includes all type of application services which are every business need from wholesaler to manufacturer from open source to custom application development together with design and deployment and most importantly we provide 24/7 maintenance which is our success factor. We provide our customers the most effective, cost cutting and innovative applications development that reduces the time and facilitate our clients in a valuable way. Following are the few areas that we always focus on to complete our client’s requirement. Its look likes a life circle but we call it SDLC software development life circle which enhance the application and satisfy our clients in a professional way we recommend this to every client and it makes us complete application Development Company.

Following are the key factors which come under our software development life circle:

Application Development Life Cycle

  • Requirement Analysis
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Development
  • Integration & Testing
  • Deployment of the System
  • Training to client
  • Evaluate Performance
  • 24/7 Support Maintenance Contract

Requirement Analysis

Requirement analysis comes under the process of listening to the client requirement and his business understanding the target market, functionality and design of their web application development. We exchange ideas with each other than we start developing the brief document with the entire functional requirement that we mutually signed upon.


Arrange a meeting with the web designers and web developers in presence of our experienced Project Manager who guide us how we are going to handle the application requirement make the plan and complete the phase’s document of the project. Distribute the tasks to the skilled team and acquire the resources if needed to achieve a satisfactory result.


When you read the word design suddenly the graphical elements comes in our mind but its not about only graphical interfaces its about the complete interface from where we kick off first we create the graphical interfaces of the complete system under sub ordinance of our best application system analyst with the help of our talented designers meanwhile our application development team starts on designing the best architecture that suits your business need and our project managers create a brief document on detailed functionality and the plans “phases” of application development, testing, deployment and detailed evaluation once we launch the project.


This is where the actual application development procedures starts where we convert the graphical interfaces into html and than our application developers starts coding. Once we squeeze our team experienced with the help of client requirement on the graphical interfaces and documentations it help our application developers to finish the project quickly without any delay this phase includes the building of database structure, implementation of codes, software reviewing and making the application exact.

Integration and Testing

Under this phase we deploy the application on the testing domain to check the functionality of the system and match with the requirement documentation that we provided to the client and the features of the system we agreed, it helps to review the system completely on the testing domain conducted by quality assurance staff and users generate testing report and the system behavior and it also help to fix the bug before going live.

Deployment of the System

This phase is very crucial for the client and for us which is moving the application to the production environment in other words to the client server.

Training to the client

This part basically dependent on the documentation and the presentations of the system which guides the user if they lost while putting, adding or deleting the data in the application the brief user guide help clients to handle the application and the presentation trained the users indirectly. And if the project is critical and client within reachable our experts goes to their office to explain the application and give the presentation.

Evaluate Performance

Once we finished all the major phases of the project our specialist team of system analyst sits on their desk with the cup of coffee and start evaluation the performance of the system which is really essential for every system which runs online or offline and if we see any problems like delay in opening the pages, codes execution, retrieving the data from database, sending the data into database we provide the report to client and If they see the same problem we trouble shoot that and make system more fast and smart.

24/7 Support Maintenance Contract

24/7 is the key factor of our services there is nothing like our support team who receive the request for enhancement add-on features or if there is any application handling difficulty our support team assign the task to our project manager than the project manager assign to one of the application developer who had played the role in making the code which helps to resolve the problem in short time.

24/7 Support is one of the effective service that we offer to our clients, to get this facilty all you need to do sign a Annumal Maientenance.


Steve Martin, DW Sports

My whole company colleagues are really happy with the creative work that done by mediagerms in future if i required any services related to mediagerms i will not hesitate to contact them againg. Thanks


Martinez Scott, Luren Suits

First i went to some other logo desigers but they were not professional enough to make my boutique logo but mediagerms proved that they are highly professional and creative. Thanks alot for your services.


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